Get Support

If you are getting an error message

Follow the instructions given by the message, if applicable. In general, MechWolf error messages are designed to give feedback to help you fix the issue. If the error message is not being generated by MechWolf, look it up on Google (you'll likely get a StackOverflow hit) and see if that helps you resolve the issue.

Additionally, it may be useful to install a tool such as stackprinter, which helps make error messages more informative by showing variables' values at the time of the error as well as context around the code that generated it (not to mention nice color coding).

Talk to us

Still, if those steps haven't solved the problem or you are having other struggles, create an issue on our GitHub (free account required), where we'll try our best to help you.

Report a bug

If you think you've found a bug in MechWolf, create an issue on the MechWolf GitHub repository and someone will work to resolve the issue there.